Sixth Finch, 2015.
28 pages.
Available for purchase here.

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JMWW, 2014.
Winner of the jmww Poetry Chapbook Contest.
32 pages.
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H.O.W. Journal
Sink Review

"The poems in Jessica Poli’s remarkable chapbook, Glassland, are little dioramas. Behind the glass enclosure are heartbeats fraught with all the wonder and despair of loves and losses that have outgrown their housing. A door melts behind a person leaving. The barns are “half-eaten/in the dark.” Somewhere, the “lightning/connects to the machine.” The poems in Glassland give a sense of the fragility of aquarium glass, and yet the foundations, the flesh, bear up the heavy weight of our humanity." - Oliver de la Paz

The Egg Mistress

Gold Line Press, 2013.
Winner of the 2012 Gold Line Press Poetry Chapbook Contest.
23 pages.
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Sixth Finch

"A startlingly surreal and mytho-erotic creation, The Egg Mistress conjures unknown boundaries of eros and worlds within an egg whose origins demand the geographies of a new language:

If I could speak mineral.
If I could only eat bonemeal. If the cabbage

learned not to grow roots. If you were the barn
and I was the peeled corn.

Jessica Poli is a true original and this chapbook is an odyssey of delight.” – Mark Irwin